Saturday, 17 March 2018

Ooops! Winter's back.

Early morning today in Worsborough Dale looking out towards Birdwell with Wharncliff  Chase and Grenno woods in the distance. Looks like we could be in for more snow.

After spending most of the day down at Worsborough Dale and in pretty heavy snow I decided to walk back home, after all it might be my last chance to walk in snow for a bit.

My phone didn't pick it up so well but it was snowing and blowing, should have been a poet, quite a bit. Loved it!

Let's take a look at where I was going!

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Rockley Bast Furnace As It Was.

After my post yesterday about my walk through Rockley wood and pictures of the old furnace and engine house I was keen to learn more about this 300 year old site and came upon this great video showing the site today and how it was when it was smelting iron ore.

Definitely one for the history geeks, like myself!

Hope you enjoyed the video as much as I did and a great thanks to GooseyGoo for their excellent article, and video about this site.

Monday, 12 March 2018

After the snow but not quite spring.

Well early March in Birdwell and the month certainly came in like a lion, it was quite nice the see the snow and it did last for nearly a week.  

And then, as if by magic, the snow melted away and I reached for my walking boots and headed out for a Friday afternoon walk out into the countryside a just few minutes from our house in Birdwell. Twenty minutes into my walk and I was deep into local history around the old Rockley furnace.

The picture above is the old engine house that would have been the home for a beam engine that would be used to pump water from the adjacent iron ore mine, whilst the pictures below show what remains of the iron ore furnace itself. 

This blast furnace was constructed around 1704 and replaces an earlier furnace built in 1650 which no longer survives. If you look through the wood to the right of the picture you can make out the bank of the nearby M1 motorway that obliterated more workings from this site.

Whilst researching more about this site I came across a great video showing the site today and with the help of some clever work how it would have been 300 years ago. You can see it on this post by clicking here!

Leaving the furnace site it looked as though this well trodden path would take me towards Worsborough Mill, unfortunately it took me to the motorway embankment and no way forward, so I had to retrace my steps back to Rockley Lane and onwards.

Good walking on the lane however with views across to Worsborough Dale and my destination for the afternoon.

It has to be the nicest day for a walk this month so far.