Friday, 14 July 2017

An Evening Walk Hay Green Lane Birdwell.

17th of June and just a couple of days after our trip to Crete and I decided to take myself off for a late evening walk just a short distance from home.

Turning down Hay Green Lane which is just off the Sheffield road we walk about half a mile and then it turns into this delightful country lane. 

Following along we then walk through Shortwood and along the track of the old railway line which is now a wonderful nature reserve and a very peaceful place to walk.

After maybe half an hours walking we end up circling  Barrow Farm, or at least we would if we were going for a longer walk, but as it's late it's time for me to turn around and head for home and my bedtime cup of cocoa.

Rain in Great Ayton

We had a great trip to see our friend Pauline and here's Jane's account on her blog. Enjoy.

 Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : Rain in Great Ayton: I love July! Especially the 10th of July. You see it's my Birthday. Over the years I have seen some wickedly alcofrolic birthdays, in fa...

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : How to Remove Ear Wax

If you like a good laugh read this poem, it'll set you up for the day.

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : How to Remove Ear Wax: When we got back from our holidays there was a poster through the door advertising a free consultation with an audiologist who was offering ...

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician; Bedroom Stuff

 I really felt for Jane here on the 'loss' of here writing shed......

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : : Bedroom Stuff: Back in Birdwell after our little sojourn in Crete, I have spent a few days reorganising the house so as to create a working space. I wa...

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Friday, 7 April 2017

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : A Little Success in The Poetry Shed

Jane has been having some great successes with her poetry lately and she writes about it, and other things here on her blog.

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : A Little Success in The Poetry Shed: Zingy things are indeed happening! Not only are our garden trees and shrubs blossoming, glorious yellow daffodils standing tall and regally...