Friday, 14 July 2017

An Evening Walk Hay Green Lane Birdwell.

17th of June and just a couple of days after our trip to Crete and I decided to take myself off for a late evening walk just a short distance from home.

Turning down Hay Green Lane which is just off the Sheffield road we walk about half a mile and then it turns into this delightful country lane. 

Following along we then walk through Shortwood and along the track of the old railway line which is now a wonderful nature reserve and a very peaceful place to walk.

After maybe half an hours walking we end up circling  Barrow Farm, or at least we would if we were going for a longer walk, but as it's late it's time for me to turn around and head for home and my bedtime cup of cocoa.

Rain in Great Ayton

We had a great trip to see our friend Pauline and here's Jane's account on her blog. Enjoy.

 Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : Rain in Great Ayton: I love July! Especially the 10th of July. You see it's my Birthday. Over the years I have seen some wickedly alcofrolic birthdays, in fa...

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : How to Remove Ear Wax

If you like a good laugh read this poem, it'll set you up for the day.

Jane Sharp - Writer - Poet - Musician : How to Remove Ear Wax: When we got back from our holidays there was a poster through the door advertising a free consultation with an audiologist who was offering ...